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Attention ALL Mortgage Brokers:

Don’t let this happen to you: After putting weeks of time and effort into a deal, you arrive at the closing table only to be disappointed that the funds never show up from the lender OR the terms change. At Capital Funding Financial, we pride ourselves in funding deals on time! We have the resources on hand for you so you can be rest assured that your deals will fund on time! 

We understand that funding availability is one of the most critical factors in completing any real estate purchase or refinancing. So if you are sick & tired of dealing with other lenders that fail to deliver the necessary funds on time, we are the solution. With help from a private hard money lender like Capital Funding Financial, you can feel confident about moving forward with your property acquisition or refinancing.

Reasons to Work With Us

Unlike other hard money lenders, Capital Funding Financial has funds and resources available now from our own investors, portfolio, and direct lenders, so you don’t have to worry about being left in an uncertain situation at the moment of closing. We streamline the application process so you can secure your loan and receive the funds quickly. We have a variety of NEW non-conventional mortgage programs to choose from in addition to our premiere hard money program. Choosing Capital Funding Financial to assist with your client’s funding needs gives you peace of mind and increases the chances that the real estate purchase or refinance will be completed in a streamlined & efficient manner.

Information About Our Loans

We provide loans of all sizes to our hard money mortgage brokers, ranging from $50,000 up to $25,000,000. We offer very competitive rates starting at just 7.99% APR on our hard money loans with origination our fee’s starting at just 2%. Whether you’re involved in a rehab of a single family house or stabilizing a large apartment complex, we have a loan type to suit your needs.

Furthermore, we are an asset-based lender, so your clients’ credit scores and income levels are not the determining factors during the decision process for your loan approval. Instead, we base our decisions on the value of the asset, so you don’t have to waste time gathering financials and filling out tedious paperwork. We simply order an independent appraisal on the subject property and make our decision primarily on the Loan to Value and location of the subject property.

A Broker’s Best Friend

We have worked with hundreds of brokers in Florida. Our team of account executives is made up of investors, lawyers, and mortgage originators, therefore we know the importance of a lending source that you can trust with funding your deal fast. We make loan approvals and funding fast and easy! After all, you only make money when the loan is closed! We will gladly provide and sign a Non-Compete Non Disclosure Agreement with you so you can feel confident in providing your client’s information to us.

Contact us today at 954-320-0242 to discover why Florida hard money brokers choose us as their preferred lending source. 

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