Hard Money Loan Atlanta Georgia

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Looking for a private money lender in Atlanta?

If so, Capital Funding Financial is the perfect lender for you.

Capital Funding Financial is a direct lender offering low rates, no income docs or minimum credit requirement, and the ability to close in 5-7 days.

Capital Funding Financial specializes in asset based private money loans on non-owner occupied investment properties nationwide particularly in states such as Georgia. Capital Funding Financial is looking for real estate investors, developers, and mortgage brokers who need a fast & reliable financing partner for their real estate projects.

Atlanta’s Top Hard Money Lender in 2024

hard money lender Atlanta
#1 Hard Money Lender in Atlanta (2024)

Atlanta Hard Money Lending Parameters (2024):

CLOSING TIME 7 – 14 days
LOAN SIZE $100,000 to $25,000,000
LTV Up to 80% LTV
LTC Up to 90% LTC
LOAN TERM 12 to 24 months
INTEREST RATES 6.99% to 11.99%
AMORTIZATION Interest-only payments
ORIGINATION FEES 1.50 to 3.00 points based on location and property, LTV, credit worthiness of the borrower, loan amount and term.
LENDING AREAS Nationwide with the exception of a few states



If “Speed and Certainty of Closing” is what you need then our “Hard Money Program” is the best option. 

Features/Requirements of the “Hard Money Program”

  • Loan Amount: Up to 65% Loan to Value 
  • Term: 12 Months (longer terms by exception)
  • Rate: 10.99% – 12.99% Interest Only
  • Origination Fee: 2.00+ pts (based on credit experience, ltv, risk)
  • Loan Size: $100,000 – $25 Million
  • Valuation Method: Quick BPO, Inspection, or Appraisal
  • No Minimum Credit Score!
  • No Tax Returns or Income Documentation Required!
  • Foreign National Acceptable!
  • No Debt Service Requirement!
  • No Experience Needed!
  • 7 to 10 Day Closing Timeline (exceptions made for faster closings)
  • Can Close in an Individual Name or Entity
  • Cross-Collateralization accepted 
  • Seller Seconds Allowed

If obtaining the “Highest Leverage” is what you are looking for then our “Bridge / Fix and Flip Program” is the best option:

Features/Requirements of the “Bridge / Fix and Flip Program”

  • Loan Amount: Up to 90% Total Loan to Cost or 75% Loan to Value
  • Renovation: 100% of the Renovation can be funded | Max 90% Total LTC 
  • Term: 12 Months (longer terms by exception)
  • Rate: 9.75% – 12.50% Interest Only
  • Origination Fee: 2.00+ pts (based on credit experience, ltv, risk)
  • Loan Size: $100,000 – $7.5 Million
  • Valuation Method: Appraisal
  • 680 Minimum Credit Score (exceptions granted to 620)
  • Foreign National Acceptable!
  • No Debt Service Requirement or Rental Income Needed!
  • 21 to 28 Day Closing Timeline (exceptions made for faster closings)
  • Close in an Entity
  • Single Family and Multifamily Loans Accepted

If obtaining the “Lowest Rate” is what you are looking for then our “Rental/DSCR Program” is the best option:

Features/Requirements of the “Rental / DSCR Program”

  • – Loan Amount: Up to 80% Loan to Value 
  • Term: 30 Years
  • Rate: 6.50% – 8.50% (Fixed or Interest Only)
  • Amortization: 3/1 ARM, 5/1 ARM, 10/1 ARM, 30 Year Fixed Options
  • Origination Fee: 1.50 – 2.50 pts (based on credit experience, ltv, risk)
  • Loan Size: $100,000 – $7.5 Million
  • Valuation Method: Appraisal
  • 660 Minimum Credit Score (exceptions granted to 620) 
  • Foreign National Acceptable!
  • Debt Service Required (Ranging from .75 to 1.10 based on pricing)
  • No Experience Needed!
  • 21 – 28 Day Closing Timeline
  • Close in an Entity
  • Short Term Rentals allowed with Track Record
  • Vacant Properties allowed by using Market Rent
  • Portfolio Loans Available
  • Single Family and Multifamily Loans Accepted

If you are looking for financing for a “Ground Up Construction Project” then our “Ground Up Construction Program” is the best option:

Features/Requirements of the “Ground Up Construction Program”

  • 12, 18, or 24 Month Term
  • Single Family, Multi-family, and Commercial (case by case exceptions)
  • Up to 85% LTC | 65% – 70% LT-ARV 
  • No Interest Charged on Undrawn Funds
  • Rate = 10.99% – 12.99% 
  • Origination Fee = 2.00 – 3.00 pts (based on credit experience, ltv, loan size)
  • Minimum loan amount of $500k – Max of $50M (exceptions for higher amounts)
  • 21 -28 Business Day Closing Timeline
  • Must close in an Entity  


What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan otherwise known as an “asset based loan” is a loan based on the value of the property instead of the income or credit of the borrower. Where asset based lenders (“hard money lenders”) focus primarily on the value of the asset used as collateral for the loan traditional banks and lenders focus chiefly on the credit and income of the borrower in making their decision on whether to extend credit. Furthermore, where traditional loans are generally for 15–30 year durations, hard money loans are used as a temporary alternative (1–3 years usually) as a bridge to acquire a property, rehab, stabilize it, and have it ready to be sold or refinanced. Hard money loans are provided to all asset classes ranging from commercial, retail, office, industrial, multi–family, or single family residential properties.

Why choose a hard money loan in Atlanta instead of a conventional loan provided by a Atlanta bank?

There are many reasons why a borrower in Atlanta would choose to use a Atlanta private lender for a Atlanta hard money loan over a more economical traditional financing:

(1) Quick Funding– conventional banks take the absolute minimum of 30-45 days to finance an individual family residential loan and any where between 60–90 days to finance a commercial loan. Whereas, a Atlanta GA hard money loan by Capital Funding Financial is generally funded within 5-10 days.

(2) The Property Needs Work– due to the conventional bank‘s very conservative underwriting guidelines, most will not lend on properties needing repair. However, a private money lender will be happy to loan on a property that either lacks cash flow or needs upgrades.

(3) Not based on credit or income– Traditional banks rely heavily on a borrower’s credit score, reported income, and the borrower’s ability to repay the debt. As a result, traditional banks turn down even strong income borrowers such as doctors, lawyers, and solicitors who have high incomes but also have a lot of debt. So, there is a key role that private lenders such as Capital Funding Financial play in lending to borrowers based on the asset value versus the debt to income of the individual borrower.

What type of properties qualify for Hard Money Loans from Capital Funding Financial?

  • Single Family (Investment)
  • Duplex, Triplex, Quadplex
  • Large Developments
  • Condo Conversions
  • Multi-Family Properties
  • Mixed-Use Properties
  • Commercial Properties (Office, Retail, Industrial)

How long is the term of the hard money loan?

Typically hard money loans or bridge loans are 12 months. However, Capital Funding Financial offers hard money loans for up to 36 months (24 month term with up to a 12 month extension).

How fast can Capital Funding Financial close?

In some cases, Capital Funding Financial can close within 48 hours where title, valuation, and insurance are in place! The average turn around time is 3 to 7 business days.

How can I qualify for a hard money loan with Capital Funding Financial?

Simple… you just need equity in your property if you are refinancing OR if you are purchasing you will need to put down at least 15 – 20%. It is common practice to have a entity to purchase the property in to ensure it is for “business/commercial purpose.”

Here is what our Atlanta GA customers say about us:


We provide hard money loans throughout the Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) including but not limited to Alpharetta, Athens, Augusta, Buckhead, Cumming, Decatur, Dunwoody, John’s Creek, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Marietta, McDonough, Rome, Roswell, Savannah, and Sandy Springs.

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