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How to find the best hard money lender in Orlando in 2024

Looking for a private money lender in Orlando?

If so, Capital Funding Financial is the perfect lender for you.

Capital Funding Financial is a direct lender in Orlando offering low rates, no income docs or minimum credit requirement, and the ability to close in 5-7 days.

Capital Funding Financial specializes in asset based private money loans on non-owner occupied investment properties nationwide particularly in Orlando!

Orlando Hard Money Lending Parameters (2024):

CLOSING TIME 7 – 14 days
LOAN SIZE $100,000 to $25,000,000
LTV Up to 80% LTV
LTC Up to 90% LTC
LOAN TERM 12 to 24 months
INTEREST RATES 6.99% to 12.99%
AMORTIZATION Interest-only payments
ORIGINATION FEES 1.50 to 3.50 points based on location and property, LTV, credit worthiness of the borrower, loan amount and term.
LENDING AREAS Nationwide with the exception of a few states



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FAQ’s about Hard Money Loans in Orlando Florida in 2024

What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is a loan given to your borrower from a lender based chiefly on the value of the asset that is collateralized that is underlying. Traditional Orlando banks and Orlando mortgage lenders focus mainly on income and the credit of the borrower where asset based lenders aka hard money lenders focus mainly on the worth of the asset being used as security for the loanWhere conventional loans are usually for 1520 year terms, hard money loans are used as a temporary solution (13 years usually) as a bridge to acquire a rehab, or stabilize a commercial, retail, office, industrial, multifamily, or single family residential dwelling.

Why exactly would a person choose a hard money loan in Orlando (assetbased loan) over a conventional loan provided by a bank with lower rates?

There are many reasons why a borrower would choose to use private funding or a hard money loan over a more affordable traditional funding: (1) Quick Funding traditional banks take the absolute minimum of 45 days to fund one family residential loan, any where between 6090 days to finance a commercial loan, and over 120 days to fund a development loan. Whereas, a hard money loan is generally funded within 714 days. (2) Property Requires Work due to the conventional bank‘s really conservative underwriting guidelines, most will not lend on properties in need of repair. Nonetheless, a private lender will be pleased to give on a property that either lacks cash flow or needs physical progress so long as the borrower has enough skin in the game” (equity). As an example, a loan guaranteed by a property in need of repairs is quite rarely funded by banks before it can be used; hence the borrower will use a hard money lender settlement the hard money loan with conventional funding, and then to purchase and rehabilitate the property. Another example would be a commercial property that has no tenants a bank won’t loan until the property is leased up. Nonetheless, short-term financing will be provided by a private lender to the borrower to purchase the property and lease it up. The hard money loan will be refinanced by a commercial lender with normal lending once the property is stabilized for a specific time period. (3) Not based solely on credit or income Traditional banks rely greatly on a borrower’s credit score, past income, and ability to repay the debt. Hence quality borrowers including physicians, lawyers, and solicitors who have high incomes but also have lots of debt are turned down by traditional banks for normal lending. So, there’s an enormous need for private lenders who look the value of the underlying asset when compared with the amount of the loan versus the borrower’s credit history. At Capital Funding Financial, we base our funding decision primarily on the LTV (loan to value). 

What are the interest rates involved in Orlando hard money loans?

Hard money loan rates typically range from 10% all the way up to 15%The rate by the lender is determined by taking a look at a combination of factors for example: (1) loan to value ratio, (2) borrower’s credit score & income, (3) the property state and place, (4) borrower’s skin in the game” (sum of cash equity in the property). At Capital Funding Financial we offer the lowest rates around starting at 6.99%*

What are the fees associated with asset based lending?

Most hard money lenders in Orlando charge financing origination fee of 3% to 5% of the amount of the loan. The lender will subsequently charge various fees for document preparation by an attorney, an application fee, appraisal fee from an unaffiliated appraiser, and financing processing fee. Capital Funding Financial costs an extremely low origination fee of just 1.50 – 2.00%* and offers straightforward conditions without all of the junk fees. 

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Can the loan fees be paid from your loan proceeds?

Yes, so long as there’s a big enough equity cushion in the real estate. Most of the time each of the fees (apart from the application fee) are paid in the actual loan earnings.

Can there be a pre-payment fee with hard money loans?

Typically Orlando hard money loans have NO minimum interest requirement. For instance, with a 6 pre payment penalty, if the borrower should happen to repay the loan in 3 months, there would be 3 additional months of interest due. This requirement is put in place so that the lender receives at least a small yield for the time, hassle and apportionment of its funds to some borrower. However at Capital Funding Financial… we are an Orlando Hard Money Lender with NO Prepayment penalty at all!

How fast can a hard money loan in Orlando close?

At Capital Funding Financial, we’re a direct lender and have the ability to close loans within a days when given a complete loan package (credit report, income documentation, independent appraisal, title commitment). The typical deal takes about a couple of weeks to fund as an independent appraisal and title report need to be run on the property.

When applying is an assessment needed,?

Yes, hard money loans typically demand broker price opinion, an appraisal, or comparative sales analysis. At Capital Funding Financial, we order an appraisal that is independent on the subject property.

When completing a fix & flip or rehabilitation project, what will the Orlando hard money lender require?

The Orlando private money lender will want to see the scope of work described with a cost analysis timeline and worksheet. The lender uses this as helpful tips in releasing resources for rehab purposes. Nothing ever goes as planned when performing a rehabilitation; so the lender will want to see the borrowers experience in performing or managing real estate repairs. The lender require an inspection and will release funds in draws for such listed repairs. The lender may also require a credit report and income statement from the borrower to show the borrower has the ability to repay the loan. Yet, hard money lenders focus primarily on the asset value of the security and not the credit score

Looking for a longer term rental property loan?

The housing market in Orlando is in high demand for single-family homes with global attractions like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Real estate investors can take advantage of this demand with short-term rentals as well as long term rental properties. Additionally, with over 60 Million people coming through Orlando each year there are always plenty of job opportunities creating demand for housing.

The average home price in Orlando is $367,000, and the median rent is $1,820 which one of the top housing markets in the USA!

Capital Funding Financial can help you with financing your short term or long term rental property using our Rental Loan Program. Our rates start at 6.49%.

If you’re looking for a hard money loan for a rehabilitation, fix & flip, or investment purpose, contact us today at 954 320 0242 or visit Apply Now for more info.

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Who is the top hard money lender in Orlando?

Capital Funding Financial offers low rates starting at 9.99%, closings in as little as 7 days, no income documentation, and no minimum credit requirement. Call 954-320-0242 for a quick pre-approval today.

Check to see if you have equity in your property or able to put down at least 20% down on an investment property

Check out Capital Funding Financial for low rates starting at 9.99% on hard money loans in Orlando Florida.