3 keys to Real Estate Investment: Private Hard Money Loan…

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Capital Funding Financial is helping real estate investors obtain financing in the ever changing real estate investment climate. David DiNatale, Esq. the President of Capital Funding Financial released a new report and program aimed at helping real estate investors buy, fix, and sell real estate in 2017. In David DiNatale’s report, he breaks down the keys to a successful real estate investment strategy into three categories.

1. Identifying the Value Investment. Understanding a property’s intrinsic value and identifying when it is being offered for significantly less is extremely important. How is this done? First, identify the sector of the market and location to be targeted. Whether it is multifamily or single family residential properties, study the active, pending, & closed sales in the last 6 months for a given neighborhood. A property’s growth potential is tied to the growth of the local underlying economy so it is important the area is on the rise. Value investors watch social and job trends such as unemployment rate in a given area. Check USA census data to find population changes. David DiNatale, Esq. the President of Capital Funding Financial states, “Rather than buying investment property where competition is fierce such as in Miami Beach or New York City identify emerging sub-markets by watching the drivers of growth.” Next, Find out which sellers are looking to move fast whether due to a divorce, lis pendens, deed in lieu, foreclosure, or REO. Knowing the owners and tenants will provide opportunities to make offers and suggest mutual beneficial outcomes. In commercial real estate, a successful real estate project depends on numerous factors such as the price that a tenant will pay for the space, the future rent growth of the property, changing interest rates, foreseeing capitalization rates, and formulating the proper exit strategy.

2. Formulate the Budget. Once a property is identified which is undervalued due to an extenuating circumstance, get a knowledgeable contractor over to the site to evaluate the repairs that need to be made and formulate a value add proposition. Find a knowledgable architect and designer to provide the plans and vision of the project. Order a subject to appraisal to determine what the value of the property will be worth after project completion.

3. Fund the Project. South Florida based, Capital Funding Financial offers 7 of the Best Financing & Real Estate Investment: This is one of the most important steps as a non-conventional company is needed in order to close quickly. Capital Funding Financial is a Florida licensed financial specializing in alternative non-conventional, hard money loans and asset-based financing. There is no 45-60 days waiting on a traditional bank to obtain financing or getting turned down for a purchase or refinance due to a high DTI ratio. Capital Funding will close with non-conventional financing in as little as 7 days by simply basing the decision off the asset value. Capital Funding Financial requires low to no documentation which is very attractive to foreign nationals who are seeking to acquire property in Florida. Additionally, Capital Funding offers an alternative non-conventional programs and faster underwriting versus using a conventional financing option. Capital Funding Financial’s programs may be the right solution if one of the following applies: waiting for a large payment from an investment sale of a property; searching for temporary financing until another property is sold or leased; or seeking to close on a transaction quickly to due to competition or lock in an attractive price.

Acquiring the right property at the right price with a proven contractor and credible lender are the necessary factors to ensuring the real estate project is destined to be a success. For more information visit Hard Money Loan.