The New Way of Life COVID-19

Hannah PattenUncategorized

2020 has certainly has been an uncertain year for everyone. COVID-19 has changed our world in countless ways, not to mention the impact it is going to have on the real-estate world and home appraisals. Business all over the world have to adapt, even ourselves but what is fascinating is how the world of appraisals has adapted as well! 

Many businesses have converted to virtual or online appraisals during this weird time. From doctors visits to corporate offices, the future of all business seems to be virtual. Instead of going in-person to a persons home or property the appraisers are doing the work via video conferencing. Appraisers have noticed that in home visits are actually necessary! 

The future of home appraisals is pretty uncertain like much of the rest of the world. However, it is pretty likely that this new norm of virtual appraisals seems like it may stick around even post COVID-19 life.